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I HAVE ONE EXTRA FENWAY MARK 5 POSTER STORED FLAT AND I WILL SEND IT TO YOU FOR $35.00 TOTAL. I believe it is ranked #2 of 6 posters released for the 8/5 & 8/7 Shows (WHICH WERE ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!) I purchased it for someone attending but they did get their own copy later. Save on 10C shipping ($8.99) and I will place it with tissue and kraft paper. The print will be insured, with tracking number and secured in the tube unlike many artists lately and I will guarantee the print will arrive to your liking or returned for a full refund. PM at your convenience. P.S. I ship each poster the way it should be all of the time. When the print arrives, open both tops, pull out the excess kraft paper and detach the tape from the ends securing it to the tube and make sure you have six items (non-abrasive and/or in ziplock bags highly recommended) to hold the print in place as you begin to unroll the poster. Pull the poster from the tube and lay it gently on a clean flat large surface . PLEASE MAKE SURE OUR HANDS ARE CLEAN.There will be tape securing the poster from springing open (it will be rounded even after flattening, it will tighten up during shipment). Next step is to place the items on the first two corners exposed then slowly continue ti pull the print then place two on the center sides and then two on the final corners.I have pictures as well. Please PM at your earliest convenience. Thank You for your interest. This needs to go to a poster aficionado who does not yet have this print who would buy it in the 10C store. Save money and purchase peace of mind. Please PM at your earliest convenience.
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