MSG Ticket Question/Wrigley GA for MSG GA *UPDATE*

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Hey guys,
I've been planning to go see PJ in New York this tour but got shut out of tickets and the second market sale on Stub Hub is ridiculously expensive. For all the other shows I've been to that I didn't get the tickets through 10C, I would just force myself to pay a little extra. But, this case has the concert way too expensive for me.
Do any of you guys have tips or strategies about getting a good price on tickets? Do you usually wait closer to the show? Should I try a different second market site?
I also have an extra GA ticket for the Monday Wrigley show. Obviously, would like to trade for one of the shows at MSG (preferably a GA ticket as well).


I'm all set for MSG1! So excited to check that off my bucket list. Thanks to everyone who reached out. You guys are the best!
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    I realize a GA ticket for MSG might be hard to come by. I would also consider a reserved seat as well. Please? Thanks guys.
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    I have a spare MSG1 ticket, looking to trade for Wrigley 2 GA. Trade would work like this I Have: MSG 1 TM (qty 1), Wrigley 2 reserved (qty 2) You have: Wrigley 2 GA (qty 2) and $108 (face value) Let me know if anyone is interested. PM me -
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