Miami GA entry

If anyone had any pointers Id be really grateful! Im going to the Miami show with a friend from the ten club, and we have 1 GA ticket each. We both want to get there as early as possible to queue for a great position in the pit, but neither of us have been GA before and don't really know the protocol, any pointers would be great, ie where to go? is there a special GA queue area generally? or anything at all. We are both super amped and just want to make it the best experience as possible as we both know how hard it is to get GA tickets to the show you want!

Thanks, Luke.


  • JWPearlJWPearl Posts: 19,893
    how nice and also exciting
    if you plan on drinking make
    good buddies with your ga
    surroundings they may save
    your spot but i suggest not
    to drink at all and make sure
    you been to the loo before
    start time so that you keep
    your spot bc some people
    dont care
    hope you have a nice time
    number 6...
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