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jw234911jw234911 annapolis marylandPosts: 255
I have one VA GA PIT ticket for trade or a GA SEAT R NC for trade looking for Philly or New York ga ticket night 1 or 2
Can't buy what i want because its free


  • ChubbleyumChubbleyum Camp Hill PA Posts: 12
    Id love to get the VA pitt ticket. Not sure if I have anything that will work for you since I got shut out for TC in Philly and NY, but here is what I have to trade on:
    1 TC Reserved to Greenville
    1 Raleigh Sec 126 (which you obv don't need but maybe someone else does)
    2 Philly 4/28 Sec 215
    1 Philly 4/29 Sec 116
    1 Philly 4/29 Sec 108
    or there is always cash & Beer
    '91 - State College PA (w/ RHCP)
    '92 - Scranton PA (Lollapalooza)
    '94 - Rochester NY
    '95 - Morrison CO
    '96 - Columbia MD
    '98 - Pittsburgh PA, Camden NJ (X2), Columbia MD
    '00 - Camden NJ (X2), Columbia MD
    '03 - Pittsburgh PA, Albany NY, St College PA, Camden NJ (X2), Hershey PA
    '04 - Reading PA
    '05 - Atlantic City NJ
    '06 - Camden NJ, Washington D.C., Pittsburgh PA
    '08 - Camden NJ
    '13 - Baltimore MD
    '14 - Memphis TN, Detroit MI
    '16 - Greenville SC, Hampton VA, Raleigh NC, Philly PA (X2), Boston MA (Fenway), Chicago IL (Wrigley X2)
  • jw234911jw234911 annapolis marylandPosts: 255
    let me take a look at philly seats online i may have it for sale or ride down on sunday and a ride to raleigh ill give you the ticket i just booked 2 night in hampton or may ill do greenville just greenville is to much time from there to hampton on grayhound unless you got room ride from greenville to hampton to NC i can take grayhound back from R NC let me know going to look up your philly seats now
    Can't buy what i want because its free
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