Syncing Pearl Live Live Albums with Apple Music

Has anyone had any success with syncing Live Pearl Jam albums with Apple Music? For live albums (bootlegs) that I don't have on my phone it plays the studio tracks. Now I'm having troubles getting new music from iTunes to my phone. Any had any success with getting that music on their device? How'd you do it?

I've renamed all my bootlegs to artist: "Pearl Jam (live)" and renamed most of the albums to have the date before the venue.

(Please no hating on apple music, apple, or iphone in this thread, only real advice)
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  • I think that there are two different ways to do it. First you can just add them from your computer to your phone through iTunes. Once you transfer they will be under "my music" in Apple Music.

    Second you can just choose which shows to sync on your computer with iCloud and those shows will be on Apple Music in your iCloud library.
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