FS: 1998 Mansfield Ames - SOLD

Brane_of_JFKBrane_of_JFK MarylandPosts: 1,670
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Same as the Vegas...No sob story, bills is bills. Looking for $650 shipped, $50 more if you want it shipped framed. Paypal only, goods & services (no 'family & friends') w/ 2.9% fee added only.

Unfortunately I'll be selling a few other 96/98 Ames prints, Just shoot me a PM, thanks!

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  • mcgruff10mcgruff10 New JerseyPosts: 19,686
    whoa! awesome print. good luck with your sale op!
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  • Which other ones & how much?
  • VedderMTLVedderMTL Montreal, CanadaPosts: 1,366
    These two prints are of my 3 poster Holy Grails. Wish I could help but this is not the right time here either.

    Good luck !
  • tridenttrident MAPosts: 81
    Pm sent
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  • Brane_of_JFKBrane_of_JFK MarylandPosts: 1,670
  • RYANPB999RYANPB999 Coventry, Rhode IslandPosts: 540
    ....and I miss it again!
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  • marjenmarjen CTPosts: 632
    And I missed out again. This is the only print I don't have from all my shows. :(
  • RO27273RO27273 BostonPosts: 0
    Great show
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