FT Vinyl, Shirts, Stickers, etc.

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I don't have an over abundance of PJ/related merch so right now I am just trying to get the ball rolling on my collection etc.


2003 xmas single
Sealed VS. Vinyl (PJ20 Reissue)
Sealed Mallrats soundtrack Vinyl

PJ Imagine In Cornace L shirt
EV El Paso XL Shirt
Foo Fighters DC venue specific shirt XL
Tool 2012 tour shirt (one with all the eyes) marked XL actually sized like a L
Smashing Pumpkins tees (original 90s shirts L and 20 Years of Sadness tour shirt XL with dates on back)


Pearl Jam Red Swallowed hoodie XL
U2 Limited Edition Video iPod 30GB (with original box and paperwork)
Ottawa 11 Mookie Poster

Pearl Jam Copenhagen 12 Maxx242/McFarlane poster
PJ hats/beanies
don't give up shirt
L-XL PJ shirts
open to offers
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    2 feign reluctance wanted an iPod
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  • Hey bro, just a friendly reminder: Apparently the forum rules state that you have to put a price if you are selling something. Just thought I'd give you a heads up before admin were to do something drastic, although they'd probably warn you first too,

    Best of luck with your sales and trades!
    ~~~~~~~Vinyl For Sale (shipping costs in North America included)~~~~~~~
    The Who - Phases Box Set. Ltd. Ed. All 9 studio albums w/ Moon (11 discs) $200
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    Peter Gabriel - Up 200 gram 'Classic Records' audiophile version. Sealed. $225
    ^discogs entry link^
    Van Halen - I 180 gram Remastered 'DCC Compact Classic' version. Ltd. Ed. (#53!). Sealed. $175
    ^discogs entry link^
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    Holy shit, how much for the Mallrats vinyl?
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    Holy shit, how much for the Mallrats vinyl?

    Would rather trade than sell. Send me a message.
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