FT/ Moline for your Cracker Jack

looking for a Cracker Jack and have a moline to trade for it.


  • For such a popular poster, it doesn't seem like anyone who got one actually wants to keep it.
  • korn-1korn-1 Los Angeles, transplanted from ChicagoPosts: 502
    Everyone at the show who got one is keeping it, i guarantee that. Many who were lucky to snag them in the online sale just got them as trade bait... to each their own, i was able to get mine from someone who did it after getting shut out at the show.
    I'll ride the wave where it takes me
  • This was actually an extra for a friend but they were able to get one themselves. Cracker Jack is the only one I didn't get from the Wrigley show that I attended.
  • wawwaw Posts: 61
  • Thanks waw.
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