ISO Cincy 2014 Sticker and poster

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Wasn't able to get a poster, sticker or sticker shirt last night at the Cincy show. Anyone with extras of these please get in touch. thanks!
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  • Yea, I wasn't able to get a poster either. People were buying multiple posters at a time each stand I went to. I found out what people are doing are buying them and selling them on line for a higher price. Anyone have an extra poster to sell from the Cincy show please let me know. Other than no poster, AWESOME SHOW!!!!!!!
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    Yeah I searched eBay yesterday and the prices are outrageous! I don't mind paying a little extra to get one but paying double or triple the price is out of bounds IMO. I did see there will be an artists addition coming out in the next few weeks directly from Don Pendleton. I may wait and see what that will cost, guessing around $75 and I prefer to collect the limited release numbered editions anyway. His website said look for further info around 10/10/14.
    Agreed the show itself was awesome!
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    2003 Columbus, 2010 Columbus, 2013 Phoenix, 2014 Cincinnati, 2016 Tampa, 2016 Lexington, 2018 Chicago x 2
  • The poster isn't exactly an "instant classic" just wait till the end of the tour and it will be available in the shop for $30.

    Too many people around here that need to have everything right away and impulsively buy items that are way overpriced. Just wait and make those selfish assholes who bought multiples sit on their stock. If they realize they can't turn a profit, they'll think twice about buying multiples next time.
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  • Thats what I told my wife. I said they will be on P.J.'s website down the road then we will get one. And agreed on the selfish a$$hole part. IDIOTS!!!
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    $122 current bid on one on that one site. Ridiculous.
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    This goes with the stickers too, I was at the LA shows last year and someone bought 100 stickers… at the Cincinnati show they were sold out by the time I got to the merch both outside… should they put some type of limit on these items?
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