For Trade: Stickers, Vinyls a Poster and More (Updated 8-8-14)

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I'm looking to trade for promo CDs. The ones I'm most interested in are
10 From Ten CD Radio Sampler

Vs. / Vitalogy Radio CD Sampler

Cultivate The Tour CD

But I'm open to trade for any promo I do not have.

below is pictures of what I have to trade
please PM if you are interested

photo 01B43258-2946-458A-BB09-F4200300C85B_zpstdacwxvm.jpg
photo C2D0899C-355A-4ABC-B1EA-F87EAD84398B_zpskd59joea.jpg
photo DA91B66E-7C69-4BA6-8E73-72CA4072C2F7_zpsmmuvd6yz.jpg
photo 8257CBD0-A3B6-463D-9FD2-525C6408AAFF_zpscvkyavka.jpg
photo CDD462CC-FFFD-472D-AD35-AA0EB609AE58_zpslnoe3i6o.jpg
photo DDB0A162-2E9C-45BE-A930-FC96086D9794_zpsvpcydvfs.jpg
photo 757712C2-B092-4661-BD09-FDB0D0A3F543_zpsv0g6uccs.jpg
photo 14BD95CF-1C9A-4776-B0FF-90330DA8AB69_zpstjir8y1g.jpg
photo 2B68E699-36E5-49AD-94AC-4D3367296E9A_zpsu3b2vzzo.jpg
photo 37A42DBF-0267-47C7-A0EC-4EA47BCC6737_zps2adzjtwz.jpg
photo CB50279E-FFB1-4181-8C0F-CDD3C3CA9E7A_zpsqg5lfue2.jpg
photo 6BB9D16D-D564-46B5-A9C4-F70B0E6AFDD1_zpsbiojdb63.jpg
PJ photo ADFCCF67-7BED-4601-AB4E-CF16AAD2B890_zpsr69kfkxq.jpg
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