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Inbox = Private Messages

Activity is a Public Posting so be careful. When you click on a User's Name, you will see a posting box. Above it, it says ACTIVITY...that's public. Upper Right Corner says MESSAGE...that's for Private Messages.

Clicking on a thread will take you to the first new post.
You can use Ctrl + to enlarge the font through your browser. Use Ctrl - to reduce it again.
SIGS info:
if you go to Signature Settings there are 3 check boxes you can check to remove Sigs.

x Hide Signatures always
x Hide signatures on my mobile device
x Strip images out of signatures

You can now collapse the sidebar. Just click on the vertical bar to the right of the sidebar and it collapses. Click it again to bring it back.

If you are having difficulty logging in on a mobile device due to incorrect password -
Your password is case-sensitive. Please check the first letter of your password as it may have been automatically capitalized.


Anyone can read this forum and posts are cached on search engines like Google. Please do not post your personal information such as phone numbers, email address, or other personally identifiable information that you don’t want made public. When posting screen shots please be careful not to include any private information. When sending a private message please be sure you are not accidentally posting to the persons public activity wall. When you click on a User's Name, you will see a posting box. Above it, it says ACTIVITY…this is for Wall posts which are public.

To send a Private Message from a persons profile page (desktop/full site version) click on “Message” in the upper right corner.
To send a Private Message on the mobile version of the forum click on the "inbox icon" from the bottom navigation bar and select "New Message"
Falling down,...not staying down
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