ISO Chicago Night #1 9/5 First Row Uppers, First Row 200's - Taking Son

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Hi there!

I am looking to take my Son to his first PJ show on Tuesday, 9/5 in Chicago.  He loves Pearl Jam and is only 7 (however, he really wants to go).  To give him the best experience I can give him, I actually want him to "see" the show as well as hear it.  Hence, I am looking for any First (1st) Row Uppers or 200 levels.  So, if you want to get rid of those uppers or 200 levels, and you are in the first row, I will take them via Mobile Transfer and the $327.00 you paid for the pair.  Feel free to shoot me a PM prior to putting them on Ticketmaster Fan to Fan!!  Thank you for your consideration!!
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    Bump.  Thanks!
  • Mr. FixerMr. Fixer Posts: 462
    Bump, if anyone is going to sell via Fan 2 Fan on Ticketmaster, shoot me a PM first if you would like since Chicago tickets can be transferred directly.  Thanks!
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    JB23237 said:
    Hi there!  Front Row?  Were the Fan 2 Fan or do you know someone who has them?  Thanks!
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