ISO: 2003 "Riot Act" North American Tour Poster

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Looking for the "Riot Act" tour poster with the album art plus all the cities and dates across the bottom. Trying to track down one of these that was maybe stashed away in a tube and is still in really good condition, to replace the one I grabbed at the Boston shows but have long since lost. Thanks to anyone who maybe has one they are willing to part with for a fair price!


  • There were a few on eBay recently.
  • EF11EF11 Posts: 93
    There were a few on eBay recently. 

    Thanks! I checked today and only saw one, but it is covered in wrinkles and other serious issues. I have a saved search there now, so if I can't find out here, hopefully a better one pops up there.
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    Start-of-the-week bump!
  • EF11EF11 Posts: 93
    Bump with fingers crossed.
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