ISO Ament MPS trucker hat U can bring to TX shows for merch trade

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Does anyone out there have an MPS hat they would part with? I have been trying to track 1 down for several years now. There are other colors besides the one in photo. I know Jeff only gives them out at Montana skate park events and they originate from his non profit Montana Pool Service. I am too far away to attend any of the events though. Any leads would be gratefully appreciated. 
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    Wish he’d sell these - could raise a lot of $$. Good luck!
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    mfc2006 said:
    Wish he’d sell these - could raise a lot of $$. Good luck!
    I guess he has his reasons. I was happy to pick up a couple sets of these a few weeks ago through retail. MPS Classics tributes. 

  • iamdave56iamdave56 Posts: 36
    Still searching for an Ament MPS hat. Anyone out there have one to part with?
  • iamdave56iamdave56 Posts: 36
    Still lukin’ for an MPS hat. Jeff just had an event - Big Sandy Skate Jam in Bozeman, Montana. Hoping to find a MPS hat. Anyone? 
  • iamdave56iamdave56 Posts: 36
  • iamdave56iamdave56 Posts: 36
  • iamdave56iamdave56 Posts: 36
  • I have this one below if you're interested. 

    MPS Pool Logo Beanie

    MPS Pool Logo Beanie

    1996-09.22; 1998-06.14,07.02,07.13,07.14,08.17,08.18; 2000-08.18,08.20,10.11,10.27,10.28; 2003-04.23,04.26,06.18,06.19,06.22; 2004-10.02,10.03,10.05; 2006-05.16,05.17,05.19,05.20,06.23,06.24; 2007-08.05; 2009-08.23,08.24,09.28,10.31; 2010-05.06,05.07; 2011-09.03,09.04; 2013-07.19; 2014-10.01; 2016-04.26,08.20,08.22; 2018-08.18, 08.20; 2022-09.17
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    Great hat^^
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    @Bob Mayo on the keyboards Bob

    Appreciate it but I’m wanting one of the ball caps. Have that one already. 
  • Still haven’t found what I’m lookin’ for
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    Lot's  floating around kids" closets in MT. Put a small bounty on one in Missoula. Coffee/skate shops. Call, leave contact info and price you'll pay. worth a shot.
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    Bump - I will be at TX shows if anyone has an extra or is willing to trade for merch - FB David Rhoads hit me up on messenger app 
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