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  • josevolution
    I’m about to be banned 631-260-8590
    if you ever need anything text or call 
    June 24
    • brianlux
      What? No!!! Please come back if you are. I would gladly pay for your new membership fee if need be. You're one of my long-time favorite people here!
  • MakingWaves
    Hey man...where are you from?  You have calmed me down a few times on here and I always enjoy reading your opinions.  If I am ever in your area I would love to buy you a drink and listen to some PJ.
    Keep doing what you do...
    June 20
    • brianlux
      Hey, I totally get it about getting riled by the AMT forums. I get pissed off about stuff myself sometimes. One time I said some things that probably should have gotten me a good long time-out but didn't. Yet, still, I felt bad about it so I gave myself a 6 month ban from the forums and used that as a lesson to try to be more understanding and not be offensive. We live in such a tough time, it's hard not to get angry at times, for sure!

      I'm from California, tried to move away a few times but all roads seem to lead back here, LOL. These days I'm near the Sierra Foothills town of Placerville (about halfway between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe). I'm semi-retired but still do a little book and vinyl sales and help out a few days a week at my wife and her business partner's book store, The Bookery. If you ever make it out this way, I'd love to have a drink with you at Cascada on Main Street! How about you? Where's home?

      And thanks for getting in touch, very cool!

      Best wishes and I'll look forward to seeing you around the forum!