ISO 1998 St. Louis Poster Lots to Trade, Sealed Benny, Pink Lady, other 98's

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I am in search of a 1998 PJ St. Louis poster. I have been looking for this for a number of years. I absolutely love Pearl Jam and am a pilot. This will be framed and displayed with great care. I can either buy the poster or I have many posters for trade and other merch as well and records, including:
Sealed Benaroya Hall vinyl
1992 Soundgarden/Pearl Jam Houston (Pink Lady)
1998 Camden (Philly)
1998 L.A.
1998 Salt Lake City
1998 New Zealand
1998 Hawaii
1998 Birmingham
2000 Philly S/N
2003 Fargo
2008 EV Seattle (Army helmet w/ cigarette)
All 3 PJ20 posters (Ames, Klausen, Hampton)
Cracker Jack
2015 NY (Transformers)
April Fools Tour EV Zippo
Sealed Sevens vinyl
Sealed Ten Coke Bottle vinyl
2016 Boston "The Catch"
2017 Bourbon Louisville (Mumford) S/N
2018 EV Sao Paulo (Mumford)
...any many more
If you have a 1998 St. Louis and are looking to trade or sell, please let me know. You can look at my poster collection on expressobeans, username: pigge18. Thank you.
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  • bosshogg18bosshogg18 Tacoma, WAPosts: 960
  • bosshogg18bosshogg18 Tacoma, WAPosts: 960
  • bobear05bobear05 St. LouisPosts: 315
    I have one but I’m really gonna have to think about’s also my first show
    all and all it's no ones fault
  • bosshogg18bosshogg18 Tacoma, WAPosts: 960
    Bobear05, PM sent.
  • keithlaw1974keithlaw1974 Blacko, UKPosts: 126
    Would you consider taking cash for 2017 Bourbon Louisville (Mumford) S/N?
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  • bosshogg18bosshogg18 Tacoma, WAPosts: 960
    Would you consider taking cash for 2017 Bourbon Louisville (Mumford) S/N?
    No. I want to keep all my posters and records, but if any of them will help me get a 98 St. Louis, that is the only way at this time that I will part with any of them. Thanks.
  • bosshogg18bosshogg18 Tacoma, WAPosts: 960
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