ISO 3 GA Tickets for London 1 (18th)

Hey, I'm looking to buy 3 GA Tickets for London 1 (18th) for my friends, if anyone can help, please? I've got my tickets through the 10C draw but looking to help my friends out. 10C tickets would be ideal, but I'll take anything. We need 3 ideally, but if anyone just has 1 or 2 that they would like to sell then I'll take those and try and get the others from elsewhere.

Massive thanks to anybody who can help!




  • seba-mocciseba-mocci Sardinia - ItalyPosts: 41
    I have a spare 10C GA (for both nights, indeed)... PM if you need to
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  • staindpearlstaindpearl Posts: 14
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    Thanks seba-mocci! Still looking for 1 ticket, if anyone can help? Thanks!
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