PJ Lyric Book

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Guess I should've posted this here (I put it on The Porch first)...oops.

Anyway, my wife compiled PJ's lyrics and put them in a book for me a few years ago for a Christmas gift. I recently went back and added and edited all the original lyrics and put them into one digital file. The songs are listed in order by album (only the studio albums) and then all the extra songs (including the Lost Dogs stuff) are in alphabetical order after Backspacer.

I think it turned out well -- nothing fancy, but effective. I hole punched them and put them in a binder...kinda nice to flip through if you are into lyrics. 166 pages total (including title pages for each album release).

If interested, PM me an email address and I'll be more than happy to send to you.


98 (KC), 00 (Cincy),00 (STL),03 (STL),03 (SD),03 (KC),04 (Boston), 04(STL), 06 (Chicago), 07 (Lollapalooza), 08 (MSG 2),08 (Hartford), 08 (Mansfield 1&2), 08 (Chicago) EV, 09 (Chicago 1&2), 09 (LA3),10 (KC),10 (STL),10 (Oeiras),11 (Pj 20 1&2), 12 (Tulsa) EV, 13 (OKC), 13 (LA 1&2), 13 (SEA), 14 (STL), 14 (Lincoln), 14 (Moline)
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