Never looked at the song Release like I do now

Just when you need it, a person we miss will give you a sign. Like literally, a sign. 
My father passed away June 2012
Driving around with my wife this morning, I kinda missed a turn in the urban area of Cleveland.
Parts of Cleveland I would not normally be at. 
Trying to get back to a part of town I am familiar with, we passed a repair shop. The name of the shop = Turk’s Service Center.
Here is the deal, Turk was my father’s CB radio handle.
Why did I miss the turn?
Why did I notice the sign?
 Damn, the other kicker, I was listening to Pearl Jam’s song Release Me last night, here is a line from that song - 
Oh dear dad
Can you see me now 
I am myself 
Like you somehow
I'll wait up in the dark 
For you to speak to me 
I'll open up
Release me


  • stuckinlinestuckinline Posts: 2,110
    Wow, that is cool.
  • fixingfixing Posts: 8
    Yeah, this is a great song. I lost my father when I was three and I connected with Eddies lyrics about not actually knowing him. And also the stronger feeling of pining for him & wanting him back. My favourite PJ mellow song. No others song in my life has touched me like this.
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