Wrigley N2 GA tickets for trade - Looking for Wrigley N1 GA

We got extremely lucky with the lottery and have three extra GA tickets for N2 Wrigley.

Looking to swap with anyone who was lucky enough to get any extras for N1 Wrigley.


Enjoy difference. Without it we're all boring!



  • IgotshitIDIgotshitID St.john's Newfoundland Posts: 803
    St.John's 9/24/2005
    St.John's 9/25/2005
    Toronto 9/11/2011
    Toronto 9/12/2011
    Quebec City 5/5/2016
    Ottawa 5/8/2016
  • WildFlyWildFly Posts: 101
    I was extremely unlucky with the lottery and would love to purchase two.  Please let me know.
  • jtr101jtr101 Posts: 190
    Enjoy difference. Without it we're all boring!

  • AprilliesAprillies VancouverPosts: 10
    edited February 20
    I would love to purchase one. Though I've been a fan since a teen, my first PJ live experience is this tour, in honour of my 40th this year.  Would be so grateful. If you are interested in Missoula...could trade for 2 TC reserved seats. 
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