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I purchased the poster from the Ten Club newsletter in 96 or 97. It’s not a signed or numbered AP, and I’m not looking to trade. The Expresso Beans’ shows one sold for 410.00 at the beginning of last year. I found another one on E*** that sold recently for around 330.00., but had some flawed corners. The one I am selling is in excellent condition. I am asking 325. plus 20.00 for postage which if less I will refund. The total is 345.00 Shipping includes wrapping the poster in craft paper, putting into a tube, and then put the tube inside a triangle mailer, and the poster will be sent with tracking, insured for the full value, along with signature confirmation.

It has been stored flat and it is in excellent condition. It has never been hung up, it has been stored in a climate controlled home which is smoke free, and it has not been subjected to any sunlight. The colors are still amazing. I am happy to provide pictures. I will only ship in the US.

Thanks for your time. Dennis

Someone can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.
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  • Any pics you can share?
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    It’s the shark ... u can google image it
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    It’s the shark ... u can google image it
    I think his point is that condition is subjective and it would be helpful for people to see photos of the actual poster being sold. 
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      on2legs said it best.
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    Buy with confidence from densan.  One of the best sellers around!
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    Thanks for the kind words TH113769, and appreciate you asking 2-feign-reluctance. If you'd like more pic's I am happy to send them. Take care, Dennis
    Someone can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.
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    Price reduction bump, so now 325.00 plus postage. Thanks for looking, Dennis
    Someone can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.
  • densandensan Posts: 141
    Sold. Thank you all for looking. D
    Someone can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.
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    Poster arrived in perfect condition.  Thanks Dennis for a very smooth and easy transaction!
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    I've also purchased from Dennis.  He's a pleasure to deal with, and as smooth a transaction as you can ask for.  Buy with 100% confidence!
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