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Hey guys,
I have always been into singing and have been thinking it's about time I learned how to play an instrument. To be able to play pearl jam songs would amazing and I'm sure having a goal like that would keep me motivated. However, I don't even know where to begin. Guitar seems like an obvious choice but is it the best choice? and if so what type of guitar should I choose. On one hand i live in an apartment so maybe an electric would be better as i can wear head phones, but then again an acoustic is so versatile. I would really appreciate any advice or suggestions you guys have. Thanks, Louise


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    One thing I've enjoyed about electric guitar (I'm a perennial slightly-better-than-beginner-but-not-quite-good-enough-to-call-myself-intermediate player, as I can't get myself consistently playing enough to progress) is that, in a room by yourself, you can still hear it pretty well even unplugged, as a sort of thin acoustic sound for practice. And most of the moderately-priced ($100 or so) practice amps seem to have audio in jacks for plugging in your phone/iPod to play a track you can play along with, which sounds great through headphones.

    Acoustic is more versatile, of course (you pick up a few chords, and you can entertain friends in your backyard), but with thin apartment walls, electric might be the way to go. I have both--an acoustic from when I was a kid and first took lessons, and an electric bought more recently--and generally play the electric with headphones or the amp turned very low, since I tend to play (in the basement) after the kids have gone to bed.

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to write all of that.it puts a much clearer picture in my head :)
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    Whatever instrument you choose, you will need to dedicate a minimum of one hour a day to playing. This should not seem like a chore; it should be something you look forward to every day.
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    Guitar for sure - join us!!
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