Fenway 8/05 Vinyl Bootleg

Does anyone know where I can buy a Vinyl Bootleg from Fenway 1?


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    Tenclub only sells digital formats (mp3, flac) and CD. No vinyl of the bootlegs. 
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  • So, you could buy the box set for all the shows and get it in there?  I guess I was hoping that those box sets get chopped up and people sell individual shows.  Does that happen?
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    The boxsets are CDs. There is a thread where the boxsets get split and individual ones are sold once all shows are accounted for in the boxset.
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    You can buy individual shows in the store..

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  • Got it.  So, I need to give up on that show in Vinyl huh? 
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    Got it.  So, I need to give up on that show in Vinyl huh? 
    I would never say to completely give up.  Probably not a thing for now.  Keep in mind that LP2 was a combination of Wrigley 1 and 2, so since there were 2 Fenway shows, my thought is that if they would release to vinyl, it may be in a similar way.  Who knows? 

    Never stop dreaming though.  :smile:
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  • Thanks guys.
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    Got it.  So, I need to give up on that show in Vinyl huh? 

    you can check out the European Bootlegs:

    there is a record label called "Suck on My Dick Records" that have put out a few decent boots over the years.

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