Playing guitar laying on your lap

Hey guys. Got an unfortunate question to ask. I've been dealing with nerve problems for some time now. It's stayed mostly in my legs for a year or so, but now it's in my left hand. I can't do being asleep. Shockingly, that makes playing difficult-but I'm not giving up yet. 
My playing style is basic, I'm a chord guy and moving the capo around. 


  • Because this forum is crap on a mobile, I had to cut that short or I'd not be able to post it. Come on, 10C. Please address that. 

    As I was saying, I'm a chord guy. Singer songwriter type. If I were to lay a guitar on my lap, play with one finger or a there a tuning that might sound good for a guy who has no desire to solo, just play chords and the songs I love. I'm sure it's an open tuning, but I don't know what would come across as more natural sounding and along the lines of what I loved to play. 
    I'm sorry I'm not totally clear as to what I'm trying to get to. I'm a dude that loves music, writes some solid songs, and hopes to write many more. The idea of maybe not being able to play as it is has my brain falling apart typing these words I can't believe I'm typing. So, if I'm not making total sense...I'm sorry and just give me direction as to how I can put it better. I found myself when I picked up a guitar and it's shaped my life and how I look at the world. It's gotten me through some rough patches and I need it to help me now. 

    In closing, please fix this train wreck of a mobile forum, 10C. 

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    I haven't experimented with open tunings too much but open C and open G are pretty fun. Open C is especially cool if you like darker tones.

    Also, good luck with everything. I don't imagine this is easy for you. I applaud your willingness to adapt to your situation and not just give up. 

    Stay positive and keep it up! 

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    Maybe try finding a tuning scheme for dobro or steel pedal?
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