SOLD: A Few More Posters for Sale

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Holmdel 2003 -- $75 (signed and numbered, AP2)  + $10 shipping (price reduced)

SOLD Dallas 2013 - $50 (front and back) + $10 shipping

SOLD Austin City Limits 2014 -- $40  + $10 shipping

PLEASE NOTE: I am a fan, not a collector, and I try to get a poster from every show I attend. After 20+ years and 53 shows (61 if you count Eddie solo) that adds up to a lot of posters and I have only so many walls. I have gone on a framing binge this summer and have decided to part with some that I don't have room for in order to offset framing costs (and because it makes me feel good to imagine them hanging in someone's home). The posters are in very good condition as they have been rolled in poster tubes since I acquired them. They each look perfectly good to me even though they have not been stored flat.
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  • What else :) ???
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    This is all for now, Matt. :)  I just hung up 6 and I have 21 more ready to put up this week. I will get back in touch if I decide to part with any more after I figure out what else to frame. 
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    Do you still have the Holmdel for sale
  • That's alotta framing !!!! 
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    bradpaga said:
    Do you still have the Holmdel for sale
    Sorry, just saw this message. No, I sold it, but thank you for asking.
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    That's alotta framing !!!! 
    Yes, it was. But I had over 20 years of posters that hadn't made it out of their tubes so it was long past time!
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