Updated- FS or trade: 2016 Wrigley Field Hat

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Looking to sell my 2016 Wrigley Field hat for $35 + $4 shipping or trade for the black 2016 tour hat. PM if interested.

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  • That's a good looking hat.. Open to trades? I got a mystery box coming thursday.. Not a poster guy, would send the posters out in the tubes and it could be a mystery poster trade if you're down. Or I can open them up and show them to you also. Or I also might cave and just paypal the $50
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    I may be interested in a trade. Not really looking for posters but I'd be curious as to what else you get in your mystery box.
  • Okay cool I'll keep you posted. Also willing to buy if you can wait until Thursday to see what's in my box. If we can't work out a trade I'll buy it for sure.
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    Sounds good to me.
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    bump for new sale price or trade

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    Trade in progress.
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