Fenway: Need to trade 1 Sunday ticket for a Friday ticket - 10C # is 49,xxx

I'm coming in to Boston for the show and have an extra ticket for Sunday, 8-7, and would like to trade it for a ticket for Friday, 8-5. My seat is reserved and my 10C # is 49,xxx so my tickets will be pretty good!


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    Pretty good, lol. You get "spit on" with those tickets.

    Don't mean to jump on your thread, just looking for your scraps, lol. With your #, you'll have no problem & I didn't want to start another thread yet & clog board. In same boat, looking for 1 10c ticket for Friday. Can trade my 10c 300,000 #(no competition md) pair for Sunday show. Swap 1 for 1 or pay cash
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  • I have an extra tomorrow its section B148 row EE. Looking for one for sunday...
  • got them through the fan club release yesterday
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