TOTD MSG Ticket/s (Done)

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Offer closed

I've been granted access for up to four tickets to the NYC show (non-10C tix) and I can either just order two for myself and my girl or help a couple of fellow fans who were SOL'd in sales/lottery and get four. If you want 'em, come get 'em. PM me. Face value of course. Only caveat... I'm not going to know section and seat numbers until I pick them up at will call, but I'm also the type of guy that just feels lucky to be in the building. You just got to trust me that you will have tickets to the show. If I read this, I know I will think it's sketchy as fuck but PM me how I can (or what I can do to) maybe make you feel more comfortable. I'm just trying to help out my fellow fans just like how this community has gotten my back in the past. Thank you. First two.
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    Only waiting for takers til tomorrow @ 1pm. If it helps, in the past, I've been placed anywhere from 5 rows from stage to 1st row in chase bridges, never behind stage.
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