Built to Spill

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Anyone here listen to them? Has anyone here even heard of them?

Well they're great, amazing lyrics and guitars. Not a lot of solos, but very nice riffs nonetheless.

I've been learning 'Carry the Zero', tab;


I could play it all night, just four chords and that little riff.
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    Carry the 0 is one of my favorite songs by them.

    If i knew how to play guitar i would want to play like doug :)
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  • i love Built to Spill. They have a very cool sound and unique guitar playing, very cool.
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    I'm bumping a 12 year old thread to give a shout out to the underrated Built to Spill, and the excellent Keep it Like a Secret.
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    I dig Built to Spill.
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    saw them last year. they still rocked it as hard as ever.

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    Was introduced to them with Ancient Melodies of the Future in 2001. Sill my favorite album of theirs.

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    MedozK said:
    Was introduced to them with Ancient Melodies of the Future in 2001. Sill my favorite album of theirs.

    Agreed - one of my favorite albums period.
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    Their version of Cortez the Killer is amazing. Check it out on their Live album 
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    Love em especially live
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