Chords to 'Good woman' by Cat Power -> Ed on backing vocals

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So I kinda sorted out the chords used in that awesome some with Ed on backing vocals. If you're interested:

capo on 1 (chords relative to capo)

C G F Am

that's the entire song, improvise around these chords, or on an acoustic, just strum 'em, sounds great too!

Hope I was of service to someone. Than my very first post on the new forum is a good one
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  • gotz idgotz id Posts: 125
    Thanks! I love this song!
    I wish I was the 10Club holiday single, the one that never showed up...

  • Thanks very much! I'll try it I love that song.
    I need a fix 'cause I'm going down
    Down to the bits that I left uptown
    I need a fix cause I'm going down

    Eddie sings Evolution with her as well... great song too...

    Cat Power ROCKS
    Don't let me know we're invisible
    Don't let me know we're invisible
    We could dance, dance, dance thru' the fire
    Dance, dance, dance thru' the fire
  • I prefer Evolution to Good Woman... but either way, they're definitely great songs!! Thanks for posting the chords!

    Also, I am proud to say that I will be seeing Cat Power live in a week and a half... I am really looking fwd to it too!!
    " love some silly piece of music... or some band so much that it hurts"
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