My 9 year old daughter , who is a big PJ fan and enjoys listening to records with her dad, asked me if she could start collecting PJ stickers. So I of course said yes. 
So now I need to follow up on that promise. 

So, if anyone has extra stickers that they are willing to move for a low price - let me know. She is only 9 so I am not looking for anything rare or expensive- just some stickers that say Pearl Jam 

thanks everyone 

have a great weekend 


  • deadendpdeadendp Northeast OhioPosts: 7,452
    You could start her with a bunch from the shop.  $1 each, if memory serves. 
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  • Shumway35Shumway35 Posts: 74
    Thanks deadendp! Oh Yeah , I should have mentioned I already ordered those. 
  • Lukin19Lukin19 We The NorthPosts: 420
    Pm me your shipping info and I will send you some for free
  • Shumway35Shumway35 Posts: 74
    Pm sent. Thanks so much for the offer ! 
  • Shumway35Shumway35 Posts: 74
    Thank you @lukin19

    If anyone else has any they are ok in moving, let me know. 

    Thanks again 
  • tempo_n_groovetempo_n_groove Posts: 14,909
    Send me your address and I’ll send a bunch your way. 
  • Shumway35Shumway35 Posts: 74
    PM sent. Thanks @tempo_n_groove !!!
  • PM your address.  I'd love to send some too!
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  • Shumway35Shumway35 Posts: 74
    PM sent 

    unbelievably kind responses ! Thank you very much. 
  • Shumway35Shumway35 Posts: 74

    Stickers arrived today!  You made a 9 years old very happy 
    Thank You 
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