FT: ‘18 Seattle Klausen AP and Variant

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ISO ‘18 Boston Variants as per below, in order based on my preference and purchase prices:

Mumford: would trade both AP and Variant
Whalen: variant for variant
Brown: my Seattle Klausen AP for the variant, sorry not interested enough in this one to trade variant for variant 

FYI, the Seattle prints are matching #s 
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    Just saw your post. I missed out on Brad’s sale as I was traveling back from Missoula. Was at Boston tho and have some show editions of the posters you’re seeking. If you’re interested in a trade, I’d be willing to trade any 2 of my show eds of Klausen, Brown, Whalen, or Williams for just the regular AP 2-for-1). If you’re interested, please PM me. Thanks!
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