Horrible Fret Buzz on my brand new Gibson SG

Just picked up my new Gary Clark Jr SG, got it home and the fret buzz is terrible. Especially the bass side E string and A string. The E string is buzzing from the first fret to the very last. I have been reading about fret buzz with SG's online and my head is spinning with all the different info. I can change my strings but after that I'm useless at setup or anything to do with tech. I didn't bother playing it in the store, because it was ordered for me and still in the box. Plus I always miss something that I catch once I get it home, so I figured I'd just go home with it and check it out. Other than the fret buzz without having plugged it in yet, it feels awesome. Anyways, any guitar doctors out there wanna make a diagnosis sight unseen. 


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    You need a setup.  They'll be able to make adjustments to make sure the action is right for the type of string you're going to use on it.  Even brand new guitars new a setup.  Enjoy your new axe!
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    Some good tips here for Gibson guitarists:

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    Like said above, get it set up. It helps A LOT!
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    Learning how to do it yourself is pretty easy and fun too. You can save money and make little adjustments as you need to without having to rely on anyone else. 

    Usually, a set of Allen wrenches and a quality strobe tuner are all you need. 

    Congrats on the new guitar too! I love SGs.
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    That's Gibson for you... Their quality control is total garbage. Bring it to a good tech, have them set it up and give it a look over. Chances are it just needs a bit of work, nothing major
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    Any guitar you buy is gonna need a setup. 

    Raise the bridge on the low E side until there’s an acceptable amount of fret buzz. I usually end up with a bit in my d strong. 

    Beat bet is to google SG setup and take an afternoon and learn how to do it. Shouldn’t need more than an accurate tuner and screwdriver for your saddle screws. More than that(mainly truss rod adjustment) you might take it back to where you bought it and have them tweak it while you watch. 

    Gibson QC issues are way overblown. No worse than any other mass produced guitars, but they get less leeway b/c of their price and several years of ill will caused by inept leadership.  
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    Hey everyone, thanks for your responses and tips. I'm taking my SG in for a setup tonight. Unless I straight up exchange it for something else. I really want this guitar to work out for me. I am a little concerned as I found out that the guitar is setup by Gibson (that I already knew), and then has a second setup by Yorkville, the middleman that brings Gibson guitars to Canada and then distributes them to retailers. If this guitar has been setup twice and still has fret buzz this bad, I'm worried that a setup won't fix the problem. Fingers crossed.
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