Vitalogy Foundation Donates $570K+ in Q1 2018

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Vitalogy Foundation Donates $570K+ in Q1 2018

News April 26 2018

A huge THANK YOU for all the great things you continue to help make possible.

The band proudly supported 19 non-profit organizations in the first quarter of 2018.

Eight of these nonprofits were supported through the Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy Foundation totaling $227,810.

Members of the band and the staff of Vitalogy also donate their time and resources to a number of non-profit organizations in support of their individual fundraising. Through these efforts, the Foundation and the band have enabled 11 non-profit organizations to raise $343,607 to date in 2018.

That’s a grand total of $571,417!

Learn more about these beneficiaries below:

For more information on the non-profit organizations that received support from Pearl Jam's Vitalogy Foundation this quarter, see below:

Circle 13 Skatepark
Davis House
Miracle League of the South Hills
Planned Parenthood Votes NW & HI
Seattle Arts & Lectures
Seattle Music Partners
Sweet Relief Musicians Fund
The Actors' Gang
T.J. Martell Foundation

*(Note: Donations to The Actors Gang - $10k, Children's Cancer Association/My Music Rx - $34,640, and Treehouse - $21,310 were approved by the Vitalogy Board as part of the 2017 giving, but distributed in early 2018.)

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    Wow!  That's incredible!
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    This is awesome!
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    Way to go, VF.
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