1 Berlin GA "needed"

Hi All,
A friend of mine from Norway is looking to join us to the Berlin show, I wonder if anyone has a spare ticket to sell


  • mrk2mrk2 Posts: 1,015
    Keep an eye on : https://pearljam.tickets.de/en/customer/ticketbox

    Ticket holders are allowed to sell their personalized tickets on this site for face value (or less). It is the official ticket vendor of the show. If the ticket is sold, then tickets.de will issue a new ticket with the buyer's name.
    225xxx - 6/28/00, 10/20/01, 10/22/01, 9/11/06, 9/22/06, 9/23/06, 6/18/07, 6/26/07, 8/15/09, 6/25/10, 6/30/10, 7/4/12, 7/5/12, 7/7/12, 7/10/12, 6/26/14, 6/28/14
  • hi mrk2 , thanks for the site , cool, I'll keep an eye on it!
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