2018 Euro tour what can be new?

We have no new music from the band, so what new stuff would you like to hear..
Possibly a Chester B tribute.
I love Linkin Park.


  • chelsea48chelsea48 Posts: 534
    Oh yeah, I would like to see Stone Rapping B) B) B)

  • PJNBPJNB New BrunswickPosts: 2,094
    I would love to hear new music but I also love the freedom they have right now to play whatever they want without the need to push a new album.
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  • cutzcutz Posts: 6,792
    ^^^^I'm with you PJNB, about the freedom to play WHATEVR they want. ^^^^^

    I was thinking they would, maybe, do some kind of tribute song for Chris Cornell? 
  • Gingerlou77Gingerlou77 Posts: 117
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    Just watching Let's play two, so so excited. Is it summer yet????
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    Are these dates “An Evening w/ Pearl Jam” or will there be opening acts?
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