Screwed Up Need Tickets to London and Italy

It's a long stupid story but I canceled my entry to redo it based on things I was reading and never resubmitted I guess. I am looking GA for tickets to both London Shows and all the Italy Shows.


  • jeremy69jeremy69 Posts: 22
    Hi there, I'm more than willing to forgive your stupidity ( :) ) because I've got the second 10C GA ticket available for both nights in London: are you still searching for them? 
  • jeremy69jeremy69 Posts: 22
    If so, PM me any time  :)
  • link41486link41486 Posts: 49

    Yes still looking PM Sent

  • jguzzijguzzi Monterey, CAPosts: 42
    Sent you a PM. I got 2 - GA for ROME

    10-31-2009 - Philly,PA
    11-26-2013 - Oakland,CA
    10-16-2014 - Detroit, MI
    04-09-2016 - Miami, FL
    04-11-2016 - Tampa, FL
    08-20-2016 - Chicago, IL
    09-09-2017 - Dana Point, CA (EV)
  • Got my tickets! Thanks everyone for the help and optimism 
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