For Trade: 2013 Cracker Jack AND 2014 Moline Posters for 1998 Ames Noblesville Poster

Mr. FixerMr. Fixer Posts: 195
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I am willing to trade my 2013 Wrigley Cracker Jack AND my 2014 Moline posters straight-up for a 1998 Ames Noblesville poster.  Both my posters are Show Editions.  My posters are Mint/Near Mint and I would want the 1998 Ames Noblesville poster to be Mint/Near Mint as well.  Please send me a PM if interested.  Thanks!
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  • You sir, are bold and get a bump for thee awesome, proposed trade!

    Think of me saying this in a King Ezekiel voice from Walking Dead...
  • Given2FlyerGiven2Flyer Syracuse, NYPosts: 40
    That’s a serious offer!
  • Thanks guys, hoping over time somebody wants these two posters.  Bumpity!
  • KC138045KC138045 Columbus, OHPosts: 2,411
    Mr. Fixer said:
    Thanks guys, hoping over time somebody wants these two posters.  Bumpity!
    I'd happily take your Cracker Jack but unfortunately I don't have what your looking for in a trade.
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  • densandensan Posts: 130
    That is a very fair trade offer.
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  • MattchewMattchew Posts: 485
    YES!  Very nice, and good luck to you sir!
  • Brane_of_JFKBrane_of_JFK MarylandPosts: 1,505
    Well that's at least a better offer than the many CJ straight up for my 98 indy a little while back lol
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  • Anyone interested?  I can't offer much more than that.  I know 98's are hard to come by, just thought I'd give it a shot.  Have a good one!
  • One last bump for good times sake.
  • tjk895tjk895 Posts: 183
    Sending pm
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