I am ready
I am willing
I can't wait
To be with you
I have seen
A better day
I had no fear
Of being lame
I am ready
To mop the floor
I am willing
To be here
No more


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    I won't regret the things i said
    Things running around
    In my head
    Maybe sometimes
    It's not what i meant
    I can't worry
    I won't fight
    Maybe sometimes
    Things aren't alright
    So i focus
    I focus
    On the light to survive
    And then it's alright
    To say goodbye

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    All i want is to be with you
    My life would be perfect
    Cause i found home
    To be with you

    You is everyone
    And in your honor
    There is a table
    And there i pray

    In so high i smile
    While i am a child
    Needing none of this
    Life i leave 

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  • ShynerShyner Posts: 792
    Sitting on the porch
    Sofa in my head
    Feet hurt
    Feeling dead
    I progress
    Spiritually lifting
    Eat the bread
    It will take the pain
    Playing in the rain
    It's insane
    This is what i do
    I pray and speak
    With strength engraved
    Winding down 
    Just inwardly out
    Growing like roses
    Rainbow sprouts out
    It's all god and good
    Love up on the feels again
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    Voices are echoing
    Here across earth
    Not looking back
    Not looking forward
    I'm in a process
    Of finding a bright
    The lights go out
    The night takes me
    I'll sit and pray
    Take my anxiety
    Let it flow
    Like a waterfall
    Watch it burn
    Into reformation
    To be again
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    I'm stalking
    Little known
    Lil devil talking
    Acts like walking
    Into a field
    In the tall grass
    Slice skin
    Broken glass
    Kiss the past
    Stronger than innocence
    Stronger than the creator
    For i am above
    Fiction is dead
    I am dealing
    Stealing muscle
    Got a gameface
    Wasting youth
    Threatening him
    The one who made
    Its time for the

    This ones about chopping my arm off in a field far away from the hospital. 
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    Why is my inspiration dead
    With no money my heart-
    Should be full on my mind
    Thinking all the time
    But it's stupid
    Ya know i learned the chief
    And with no money you-
    Can bet it's meant
    Even though it's dumb
    I knew the rules but the rules
    Where feeling more
    Than me

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    I'm tired
    Dry sponge in effect
    All the matter
    Has disintegrated
    Waiting on reproduction
    Cell eruption
    Make a bed of flowers
    Write for hours
    Spill my brains
    Mop up lame
    Just waiting
    Where is my son
    Where is my daughter
    In this hell of a life
    Could they be happy
    Heart hurts
    Cut the shit
    I'm out of wit
    And hanging low
    But not too low
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    I've heard this song 
    I've heard this song 
    I'm bored but i love it
    I'll move on wasting funds
    Searching for u oh u
    What it's like to find myself
    Well almost anyways hell
    It took so long I'll be over here
    In the music store
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    The issues are dumb
    But your society
    Just too smart for me
    I'm not giving an opinion
    All life rules
    Defend it
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