Ed's Corona kick-drum

We've all seen Ed's Corona box kick-drum on stage during his acoustic shows. I (like most) just assumed it was a prop, but after attending Pilgrimage Festival and seeing him wail on the kick pedal, it's definitely functional and mic'ed up.

Anyone have any knowledge on how the box is mounted to the pedal or how it's reinforced? I'd love to create a similar cardboard drum for my acoustic acts, but how the hell is that poor box not destroyed from regular use?
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  • dudemandudeman Posts: 1,767
    I've thought about this too. Considering building something similar. 

    As for the box holding up, Ed's is a pretty solid wood box to start with. The pedal has both plastic and felt sides to the beater. The box would probably stand up well to the felt side. With a sensitive mic inside, he shouldn't have to hammer on it too hard.

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