For sale - entire pearl jam catalog $1600 (sealed first edition US pressings)

scott nowlandscott nowland AustraliaPosts: 243
Have flights booked to Europe next month and had an unexpected emergency recently which has taken all my savings so looking to sell my pearl jam collection to recuperate funds. I have all the first US pressings sealed from Ten through to Lightning Bolt as well as LO2L and LO10L (Ten, Vs, Vitalogy, No Code, Yield, Binaural, Lost Dogs, Live on Two Legs, Riot Act, Self Titled, Backspacer, Lightning Bolt Live on Ten Legs). All are sealed however some have tears to the plastic seals (Binaural and Live on Two legs from memory). At this stage only looking to sell to someone in Australia as a complete package due to individual postage costs however will consider international buyers if nothing comes locally. Price is firm $1600 AUD with your choice of postage. If a sale doesn't come through locally will update thread for international buyers.

Please don't come here to price bash. I have considered a lot in the price and think it is fair for what your are getting. I paid for these when the prices were high so am losing a fair amount of cash with this dale. Send a message if you're interested. Thanks for looking.


  •   Good deal for someone!

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  • I have them all, but if I didn't I would be all over this. Great deal for sure.
  • Hope you get your finances sorted out OP.
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    One stop shop for originals here.  If I didn't have them I would have pm you already.  Good luck with your sale and your emergency.  :peace:
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  • scott nowlandscott nowland AustraliaPosts: 243
    Thanks everyone have been considering selling these for a while now. If they don't sell I do have another option to get some cash and at the end of the day it is just for a holiday so there's people a lot worse off than I am 
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