Fenway or Wrigley?

If you had to choose between the two from 2016, which would you choose and why?

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  • Whichever you were at. All 4 shows were amazing and special in their own right. I was at the Wrigley shows, but would have loved to catch Fenway. Never been there. And to get Grievance, Down, Strangest Tribe, Society, Yellow Moon, Smile... incredible shows.

    Now, that said, Fenway was just a warm-up for Wrigley, so the Friendly Confines is where you want to be.  ;)
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  • wall232wall232 New YorkPosts: 1,047
    I was lucky enough to be at all 4 shows and all of them were great. I don't believe that Fenway was a warm up for anything, those 2 shows can hold their own against most of the shows over the past few years. The only reason I enjoyed Wrigley a bit more was because they had GA, I hated the seats on the field at Fenway. I felt like it drained a bit of the energy compared to all the shows that did have GA. 
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    I didn't make it to any of them. Just got the Fenway boots yesterday but haven't listened to them yet.

    Looking forward to hearing the Wrigley boots in November. 

    I'm sure they're all great, I just wondered if there was any kind of forum consensus as to which stadium shows were better performance wise.
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  • SVRDhand13SVRDhand13 NYCPosts: 24,178
    Setlist alone I go Fenway. Wasn't at wrigley so I can't comment which was "better". All four seemed amazing. 
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    I would go Fenway 1 over Wrigley 1. Those were the only two I attended.
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    I only attended the Wrigley shows so I'll say Wrigley as my opinion is complete biased because I wasn't at the Fenway shows.

    Looking back on it though.   The only other show I saw in 2016 was Pemberton and that was balls out amazing too.   It might have been 20ish minutes shorter than the current 3 hour setlists... but the setlist was awesome and the wierd mix of youth and veteran concert goers gave it crazy energy.
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    Fenway. Draw the line
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    Fenway 2 >>>>>>>>> Fenway 1 = Wrigley 2.  Of those 3 Fenway 1's crowd was a bit of a let down but night 2 more than made up for it. 
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