Will Eddie ever make-up his cancelled NOLA show?

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:smiley: please??

cancelled his solo Jazz Fest appearance when he injured himself.  Never came back tho!  So many old beautiful theaters he could play in New Orleans.  Amazing history in these buildings in regards to early blues and jazz. 
Just look at the Saenger Theatre. Make it happen, Ed!!!

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    Sarnger would be awesome. A little pre or pst show dinner at Jacques-Imo's 
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    Travelled from NJ to go to that one. Maybe he could do a make-up show for me in Newark
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    I'm good if he does jazz fest this spring 
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    I want a theater show.  All PJ does is play festivals down here now.  Three appearances in a row! Lol
  • Hell yes! I think we were talking about this in another thread. Would love for this to happen, and I second not at a festival. This would be awesome
  • while i do love me some buffett i would have to say it was still disappointing having ed cancel. always still great going to nola as it's the greatest city i have ever been too. gone multiple times now and i will say that the Saenger Theatre is the nicest theatre i have ever been in. i've been in a whack of old theatres but nothing comes close to the sheer elegance of the Saenger. its unreal.
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    ^^^ right on.  Opened in 1927.  Imagine the sounds that have floated through that room

    make it happen, Ed!
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    That theater is ugly.  Just ugly.

  • Hope everyone in Southwestern Louisiana is gunna be alright. Looks like Harvey is going to head to that same area that got all that rain around this time last year.... Gotta love these summer months
  • 12 years since Katrina bump.. Seems like a lifetime ago, and our beautiful city is still recovering 
  • Social Distortion tonight at the HOB in NOLA bump. 

    Would be cool to see Ed at this venue, even though its crazy small:

    Okay. Last bump for awhile! Thanks for making this thread! 

    We miss you Ed!!! It feels like decades since 2012 to be honest. 

  • NOLA is getting a Dead & Co. show bump!!!!!!! 

    But where are you Ed? =)
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    Give us a show, Ed!  NOLA, Baton Rouge.  Wherever u like!
  • Dead Boys @ SANTOS tonight bump!!!

    Almost 22 years ago @ Tad Gormley in City Park w/ Joey Ramone: 

  • Modest Mouse in a few at the Civic. 

    This is also a nice Theatre Ed could play 
  • Bump for The Melvins tonight at One Eyed Jacks!

  • More Ed shows announced... Come warm up for those in NOLA  =)
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    Dead Boys @ SANTOS tonight bump!!!

    Almost 22 years ago @ Tad Gormley in City Park w/ Joey Ramone: 

    My 1st PJ Show!!!
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    It will be 7 yrs since the cancelled gig soon.....
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