Ohana Fest

So psyched for this show - last year was exceptional, and this year I like the lineup even better.
Out of curiosity, has anyone received their tickets in the mail yet? Show is only 3 weeks away, I'm kind of surprised mine hasn't reached me yet.
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  • SpartanacusSpartanacus San DiegoPosts: 504
    I see you can bring blankets.  Did people scurry to the rail when they opened the gates and drop their blankets to claim a space?  I hope so, as that will allow us to walk around a bit and stretch our legs, and not worry about losing a good spot. 
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  • bramnieskensbramnieskens The NetherlandsPosts: 75
    Does anyone have a spare seat in the car? I'm just outside of Santa Monica staying at a mates place and will chip in for gas and a beer at the festival as a reward. 
    Public transport is such a hassle..
    would be great if I could jump in with someone to and from the festival! 

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