Some truth

When love naturally grows
the seed grows in soil that's ready
it grows in soft, fertile dirt
with a steady source of water
and some warmth!
then it sprouts, unbends, stands up
to reach for the light
a striver elongated
seeds come out, they open up
when all the ingredients are brought together
Remove the good soil, the water or the sun
then the seeds die
the plant, the love, doesn't thrive
All the parts are essential
If we saw gardeners pouring poisonous liquid
instead of water
we could predict: no growth
if we saw no sun for weeks,
we could guess: those seeds ain't gonna come out!
If the dirt is full of rocks and debris
I think growth would be mere luck
And, we've all seen those unlikely little plants trying to live in the wrong place
in the sidewalk cracks
or, between some big rocks
but they'll never be the big lush plant they could be 
not in a restricted environment
not anything like what they could be in a good space
What do you think?
Is it too simple to prepare the dirt with plant food,
pour some water daily,
and bring the sun?
Is it too simple to be a true gardener?
Do you prefer to ignore what seeds need 
and then berate them for disappointing you?



  • ShynerShyner Posts: 1,226
    The line between art and pain 
    I wish i a was a nourisher
    Im to busy trying to stay alive
    By feeding the beast
    I literally bleed to death in word

    Justam you are awesome
    I'd trade hearts with you anyday
  • justamjustam Posts: 21,280
    edited July 2017

    This idea about gardening came to me as I have been focusing on getting my yard cleaned up while I have time this summer.  Once school starts, the yard is on its own again. Gardening is interesting because if the ingredients are put in the right place, the ground, the air, rain and sunshine take over and do what they do. 

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