Four eyed cowboy up for trade.

kaseylilykaseylily Michigan, USAPosts: 137
I got the 4-eyed cowboy for my mystery poster. Would anyone like to trade anything for it? I'm not picky with trade offers. 


  • whatdudewhatdude Posts: 114
    I got a Ken Taylor 2011 Mexico City I'd trade for. Got it from mystery tube. 
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    Wow that is an amazing trade offer.  That Taylor is framed & up in my living room.  It is beautiful.
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  • kaseylilykaseylily Michigan, USAPosts: 137
    I would absolutely make that trade!
     Send me a PM with your info and I'll send it right out.
  • kaseylilykaseylily Michigan, USAPosts: 137
    Cricket  :s 
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