Trade me your unwanted Mystery Posters

KS80184KS80184 Posts: 96
I have some extra shirts, flip flops and a hat from mystery boxes that I am looking to trade for mystery posters that didn't end up being that Cracker Jack you were hoping for. I have the following available (all new, unworn):

Gorge 2005 mens L shirt
Vote For Change 2004 mens M shirt
Europe 2012 tour mens M shirt
North America 2012 mens M shirt
Euro 2014 hat
Mens L flip flops

PM me with any interest.


  • aidt17aidt17 Posts: 158
    pm sent
    Hamilton 05
    Cleveland 06
    Toronto 09
    Buffalo 10
    Hamilton 11
    London 13
    Buffalo 13
    Seattle 13
    Detroit 14
    Milwaukee 14
    Ottawa 16
    Toronto 16
    Fenway Night One 16
    Wrigley Night One 16
  • pbultimatepbultimate Posts: 184
    Jackalope for flip flops?
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