11 days in Europe

Hi everyone, i'm traveling too Europe for 11 days in October I'm taking my 10 year old daughter on an Adventure to show her some of this great planet we live on. We will be in London for 4 days , Paris for 3 and Lausanne Switzerland for 3 Days. Now apart from all the usual Tourist sites we have to see, i was wondering if you guys know of any Pearl jam or any unusual sites that we must see. I guess i'm looking for ideas? 
Thanks in Advance


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    Sorry, I can't recommend any PJ-related things to visit, but I hope you and your daughter have an amazing trip.  It will bring memories that you both will cherish through the years.
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    I hope you'll have a great trip! I'm sorry but I haven't so much experience to give advices. I have only been in Paris, it was very nice we walked a lot and was also on a boat trip. 
    Lots to see with all the history, I hope you'll both have a great time!!!
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    I don't know of anything unusual or related to Pearl Jam either, plus the things that come to mind for me probably wouldn't interest a 10 year old, like the Imperial War Museum in London :tongue:
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