[For Sale] Yield Promo Sign and pole from Sam Goodies

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Selling a Cardboard Yield display from Sam Goodies. It's double sided with the Yield sign on both ends. It has a wooden pole (made of cardboard) that holds it up. Very neat piece and still looks good. Some scuffs to one of the Yield signs.
I'll get the exact measurements, but it's a little over 2ft wide and about 4ft tall.
Asking $400 for it - that includes delivery within the US (will require a wooden box for shipping).'

Pics upon request- Serious Inquires Only Please.

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  • Keep us posted if you sell this for that amount. I worked there from 1995 - 2002. Didn't know I was sitting on a potential goldmine of Epic promo stuff!?! Shit! My buddy has kept my hoard of stuff safe for me the past 15 yrs. Might be time to go get it all and sell it! 
  • first and final bump. Price drop.

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