FT Eddie Vedder 2017 Euro Tour T-shirts

eyejackereyejacker Posts: 1,258
Just got back from Sicily, and my t-shirts are too small...
Looking for the same tees but bigger sizes.

I have:
1 SMALL black guitar wave t-shirt.
2 MEDIUM black Helmet/Skull tees.

I am looking for LARGE on these.
They still smell of the merch stand, hence - unwashed and as bought.
Sorry but not interested in other trades.

Thanks!! :-)

P.S. The tour rocked!!! 


  • 23scidoo23scidoo Thessaloniki,GreecePosts: 11,778
    Up and yes Nick..the tour rocked!!!
    Athens 2006. Dusseldorf 2007. Berlin 2009. Venice 2010. Amsterdam 1 2012. Amsterdam 1+2 2014. Buenos Aires 2015.
    Prague Krakow Berlin 2018.
    EV, Taormina 1+2 2017.
  • eyejackereyejacker Posts: 1,258
    anyone out there that can help? :-)
  • dankinddankind I am not your foot. Posts: 12,375
    I'm just waiting for the Seattle Surf Co. link to reappear in the Goods/Shop section -- maybe on the 10th?
  • eyejackereyejacker Posts: 1,258
    Fingers crossed dankind!! 
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